How You Can Help

It may be hard to imagine living with a hole in your roof, having unsafe electrical wiring or feeling the chill of a winter day passing through your home. The reality is these are facts of everyday life for many Central Alabama homeowners. Rebuilding Together's mission is to keep as many qualified homeowners as possible warm, safe and dry by coordinating sponsors, donors and volunteers to work together to make these homes livable again.

Every year Rebuilding Together receives hundreds of requests and nominations for our services. To serve as many home-owners as possible we coordinate over 1,000 volunteers who donate their time and skills to Rebuilding Together. As a part of the nation's largest all-volunteer home rehabilitation organization, we rely on the generosity of individuals who give their time to their low-income neighbors. Be it painting a worn front porch, building a wheelchair ramp, repairing a leaky roof or even replacing aging windows and doors, Rebuilding Together volunteers are making a commitment to preserving dignified homeownership in their communities.

Volunteer Descriptions

House Captain:
Each year Rebuilding Together Central Alabama completes 20+ residential and community improvement projects that help change the lives of thousands of people. One of the most critical elements of this work is the role of our key volunteers. These leaders or House Captains are the project managers for all our Rebuilding Day projects.

Our House Captain is the technical expert at the job site. She/he:

  • Is responsible for supervising a quality renovation project
  • Visits assigned project site and determines scope of work to be accomplished
  • Coordinates with the AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator to keep within project budget
  • Determines number of skilled & unskilled volunteers needed
  • Plans and organizes the work so that it can be completed by 4:00 pm on the workday
  • Directs the work of volunteers on the workday
  • Conducts a final walk-through with the homeowner/facility representative and volunteers at the end of the day to show what was accomplished

Rebuilding Together Central Alabama staff is there to assist captains every step of the way in planning your projects, and will provide you with all the training and support you’ll need to have a successful workday. Serving as a House Captain offers a great opportunity to meet people and use your professional skills knowledge to make a big, lasting impact on people in need.

Skilled Trades Volunteer:
Are you a carpenter, electrician, plumber or just good with a “honey to do list”? Are you looking for ways to make a meaningful impact in Central Alabama? Do you have time to help a senior age safely in their home?

We need skilled trades’ volunteers to help repair and renovate the homes of people who, due to age, financial limitations, or disability, cannot do the work themselves. We have a wide-range of skilled needs, from on-site jobs working with other volunteers, to self-contained projects that you can finish according to your own schedule.
General Volunteer:
At Rebuilding Together Central Alabama we are always looking for volunteers to help us continue providing high quality free repairs for low-income homeowners. We accept people of all skill levels to participate in a Rebuilding Day project.

Example Projects:

  • Weather strip doors and windows
  • Caulk windows
  • Painting
  • Demolition
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Landscaping and clean up

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Volunteer Photos

A group of volunteers, lead by Anthony Leitner, helped reconstruct a porch.


A group of highschool students, lead by Daniel Sparkman, helped paint window frames for a homeowner in need.


Bronson Russell, a high school student from Lansing, Michigan, hangs off the roof which he is helping repair.